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Global Trusted Advisor and Private Global Coach

Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus., as your global trusted and confidential advisor and strategist, will personally lead Malichi Group Worldwide internationally-acclaimed and highly sought after strategy, coaching, mentoring initiative for chief decision-makers and executive leadership. Dr. Malichi will provide expert strategic global advice and counsel, coaching, mentoring, guidance, and support needed to determine the best strategic approach and strategy for achieving your internal and external strategic global goals and initiatives including mentoring and leadership development.

Dr. Malichi will help you to establish your success criteria on "How To" manage: pressures of a  challenging global economy; meeting shareholders and stakeholders needs, while getting your own needs met; growth and development strategies; orgalitics; change in the workplace culture; dealing with difficult employees, clients, vendors, and more by: 
              Providing wise and expert strategic counsel, direction, and actionable global insight; 

            ♦  Creating an Hour of Power;
  Being a Safe Zone as your Confidential and Trusted Sounding Board;
            ♦  Conquering personal mountains; 
           ♦  Motivating the Motivator; and,

           ♦  Meeting and/or communicating with you at regular Success Checkpoints.

Dr. Malichi will work with you to identify and assess the best model and/or metric for you or your organization that will help support your personal, business, or career strategic objectives; and map a step-by-step plan to help implement those strategic objectives. He will help you identify the pragmatic short term and long term goals that will produce a quick and clear return on investment. 

Executive leadership will have unparalleled global access to Dr. Toby Malichi; 24/7 via meetings, personal mobile, and/or email during the entire length of the strategy/coaching/mentorship engagement.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  

-- Albert Einstein                                                       

For a Successful Day, to arrange for your free 30 minute global strategy session, ask questions, or make an appointment in person or by phone please send an email to or call   317.413.1119. The office holds extended hours for clients and strategic partners from different time zones worldwide.