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Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors

I/We, Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus., Founder and Global Chief Executive of Malichi Group Worldwide (MGW), international business consortium in over 70 countries, engaged in global business strategic advisory, global business connector, cross-border deal facilitation, foreign export development, Trading, and financing. Whereas, MGW as trusted advisors, assists and partners with U.S. and Foreign-based small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinationals, governments, export trading companies and investment groups seeking market-enrty strategies, international partner engagement, strategic cross-border deal making, trade and export financing, accounts receivable (Factoring), Purchase Order (P.O.) financing, and strategic trade and commerce opportunities in diverse international markets and global industry sectors.

MGW Confirms:(___________________________________________________________) based in Country of Origin:(________________________________________________________) is duly appointed as an Authorized Independent Contractor Affilitate Finder (AICAF): ID No.# MGW- _____________________, hereby irrevocably agree and guarantee for five (5) years they shall not, directly or indirectly interfere with, circumvent or attempt to circumvent, avoid, by-pass, or obviate MGW deals, projects, transactions or special interests which were made available through this Areement. MGW can terminate AICAF Agreement in its entirity at anytime without cause. 
Whereas, AICAF duties to include but not limited to Finding; global strategic partners, international trade deals, strategic cross-border opportunities, strategic advisory, deal facilitation opportunities, coaching and consulting projects in the Trade and Services; Trade and Investments; Public/Private Partnerships; Manufacturing and Distribution; Oil, Gas, and Mining; Global Trade and Export Financing sectors, Refering; Principals of U.S and Foreign-based small-and-medium-sized enterprises, chief decision-makers, government leaders, and financiers to MGW’s (i) international strategic advisory and counsel, (ii) trusted advisor, private coaching, and strategy development,  (iii) international business development, deal-making, facilitating trade and investment linkages, closing complex international deals, and (iv) strategic influential introductions, expert networking, and sourcing potential partners, deals, services and products Promoting; MGW trusted advisory services, global virtual board of directors, roundtables, and global speaker and motivational services, Identifying;  foreign export development opportunities, trade and export financing, receivables funding, and purchase order (PO) financing deals on behalf of MGW.

AICAF is not authorized to view, obtain, copy, distribute and/or request specific documents or other data required by
MGW to conduct due-diligence, assess, evaluate, and validate bona-fide deals and projects without express written conscent from MGW in the aforementioned sectors; and buyer’s or seller’s or investor's capabilities who intend to engage any of
global business services. MGW requires AICAF proposing to do global business with MGW to keenly be aware of the legal global requirements placed upon them to understand the local intelligence, cultures, customs, practices, and foreign companies, goverments, and investors seeking to market, buy and sell products and services in their local markets. MGW in compliance with the: International Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Patriot Act, U.S. Foreign Coruption Act, United Nations Paris Convention and any applicable International Treaties. MGW approval criteria supports a global marketplace; and will prosecute, to the fullist Letter of the Law, any AICAF(s) or persons associated with MGW who intentionally and with malice, violates any of these and/or other governing body international laws and treaties. Court Judication: The United States of America, The Hague and The State of Indiana. MGW et. al. recommends that all businesses, governments, investors, and individuals understand these and any other trade requirements for their sector or business or government segment prior to contacting MGW.

All decisions regarding the acceptance of any offer or final approval of engagement of
MGW global business services shall be approved solely by Dr. Toby Malichi. 
This AICAF position is not a fee-for-hire, salary or hourly job. Compensation is Commission Only at 5% to 10% with Bonus Incentives based on top performance at the discretion of Dr. Toby Malichi once MGW has received cleared funds in full payment from client. AICAF is responsible for ALL of their own taxes, health care benefits, hotel, travel, meals, and entertainment expenses, and any other ancillary or miscellaneous fees and expenses associated with the cost of doing business on behalf of MGW.

Dr. Toby Malichi, Founder of MGW can be contacted directly at 317.515.8866 anytime day or night or email: to attest to the validity of this Authorized Letter of Independent Contractor Afiliate Finder and the name and ID No.# of the Authorized Independent Contractor Affiliate Finder herein upon requestAICAF shall indemnify and hold Dr. Toby Malichi and/or Malichi Group Worldwide harmless of misrepresentations, statements, or acts of unprofessional conduct to include but not limited to integrity and ethical behavior at the highest of standards. All intellectual property rights to include but not limited to copywrites, trade marks, trade secrets, patents, marketing materials, legal form documents, client/alliances/strategic partners lists, website and content, logos and business information are the sole ownership of Malichi Group Worldwide and/or Dr. Toby Malichi. And, may not be used under any circumstances by  any AICAF.  

In witness whereof parties hereto accept, agree, and execute  without change this Agreement   upon and dated this day of _________________________, 2014 by Malichi Group Worldwide.
Have a Successful Day,

Company: Malichi Group Worldwide

 Dr. To
by Malichi, Hon. D. Bus.  (Electronically signed) 
Title: Founder and Global Chief Executive

Date Signed: 2014

Company and/or Individual:_______________________________________________________

By: _____________________________________ 
Affiliate ID No.# MGW-______-___________

Title: __________________________________________________

Date Signed: _____________________________

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