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Tomorrow August 5, 2009, I will be meeting with top government officials and business leaders from Taipei, Taiwan as well with government officials and other business leaders here in Indianapolis to discuss potential business partnerships for the Central Indiana Region. The state of Indiana and Taipei has had a long-standing sister-cities business relationship.

Although the World Bank predicts in 2009 that global trade in the world economy will drop by 9%. I predict that world markets will bounce back modestly to perserve the economic gains made throught free trade agreements, bi-lateral agreements, and other sister-cities relationships. The U.S. government and our own U.S. economy depends heavily on trade with the Chinese.

My firm Malichi Group Worldwide (www.malichi.com) has long established relationships with China and hopes to expand those business relatonships with Taipei’s government and business leaders tomorrow.

Let me know your thoughts and how we might partner on current and/or future global projects either here in the U.S. or around the world.

Have a successful day!

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