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Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Malichi Group Worldwide retainer, success fee, equity, advisory shares and commission structure is based on a total understanding of client and partner needs and a determination of the necessary resources to meet those needs. Our commitment is to superior service and value-performance. In our marketing effort, we seek long-term relationships. Moreover, our monthly retainer fees are based on service of time rendered. MGW initial engagement fee is based on a sliding scale. Additional fees and expenses are required for oral presentations, unscheduled meetings or other time-sensitive matters.
Advance fee and expense payment is required for all air travel (business-class), luxury-class hotel accomodations (when applicable), first-class ground transportation, business meals, and other miscellaneous and ancillary expenses related to client's business engagement. Time is money; and we value and respect both. Our time is valuable and so is yours. We conduct each client business engagement in the most professional, ethical, judicious, and time-efficient matter.  

MGW real reward comes from the percentage fees paid when the financing is secured and/or the business deal is successfully closed or your goal achieved - not from the retainer. The retainer covers the work necessary to demonstrate that you and your idea and/or company are credible and worthy of the financial assistance or new revenue growth/business deals we seek.

Clients tell us that our superior service, value-performance, and strategic competitive-advantage makes their relationship with MGW a real value for them. When it comes to delivering professional, personalized service and economic-value for fees we have a passion for exceeding client's expectations.

Initial Meeting - Complimentary 30 Minute Global Strategy Session (Site Visit or Conference Call)
Initial Monthly Retainer Fees - Based on a sliding scale
♦  Global Strategic Advisor: 
(i) actionable strategic focus on direct interaction, emails, conference calls, 
(ii) Expert Facilitated Brainstorming Session: map strategic "executable" global strategies i.e. market-entry, business development, deal facilitation, securing trade finance, or identifying strategic partners and opportunities.
♦  Preliminary Trade/Project/Deal Assessment
♦  Strategic Advice and Counsel 
  Global Speaking Engagements
  Consulting, Private Coaching, Training
  All travel, formal or unscheduled meetings i.e. strategic introductions, etc.
Note: Fees are negotiated on a per project basis - (Minimum 3 Month Service Contract for Most Projects)

Success Fees: Percent (%) Equity, Advisory Shares and/or Revenue Participation; Commission, Broker, Intermediary Fees all depends on complexity of deal or project
♦  Success Fees: Facilitating the close and payment of deals; 1% - 25% 
  Commodities: Based on dollars or barrels or Metric Tons 
♦  Strategic Introductions: Negotiated Percent (%) of Deal or Project  plus Incremental Annual Terms
♦  Securing Investment Capital - Commission Fees: 1% - 10%  (Break-up Fee - 10%)
♦  Securing Trade and Export Financing, Factoring (Accounts Receivables), Purchase Order  (PO) Financing, Private Equity Loans, Leasing Equipment (Negotiated on Commission Fee Basis)


  Equity and/or Advisory Shares Participation Fees:  1% - 25% 
  Revenue Participation Fees:  (Cash Flow Problems) - Negotiated on Percent (%) of Gross Revenue  

Due Dilligence and Strategic Export Planning Fees
(Negotiated on a per project basis)  
♦  Potential Risk Export Preparedness (PREP): Executing strategic due-diligence tools for evaluating potential partners, export readiness, and assessing global risks.


  ©Strategic Export Assessment Metric (S.E.A.M) a strategic global planning metric platform for U.S. and Foreign-based enterprises to determine how well their business is prepared for going global and/or expanding globally.