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Global Deal Facilitators: Strategy and International Business Development

Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors

MGW has facilitated several multimillion dollar deals in trade and capital flow around the globe. Global trade is the cornerstone of the world's evolving economy. Whether you are importing or exporting goods or products or services, you need a trusted partner an expert global facilitator that can help you navigate through the unique cultural, social and economic conditions of today's international business climate.

Malichi Group Worldwide expert global facilitators are highly-skilled professionals that uses various tools, communication-skills, techniques, and methodologies to assist clients with increasing their effectiveness as they strive to accomplish their strategic global goals and objectives. Our expert global facilitators can be used in many different ways.  A few examples of our facilitation platform is leading a meeting or retreat, facilitating the close of a deal or transaction, making strategic introductions or resolving a conflict.  Some organizations like to have us actually lead international deal meetings and there are situations where that is a very good option. Our skilled global facilitators can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of a business meeting's value-performance. 
Studies have shown that on the average 75% of the time spent in meetings is wasted. Utilizing our expert facilitation platform is the single most important thing that clients can do to reduce this waste.  Your first thought is likely “we cannot afford that”. MGW question is “can you afford to not evaluate the possibility”. Make a rough estimate of how many meetings are held in a year, the average number of people in them, their length and approximately the hourly cost per person. Then at the 75% loss rate referenced earlier stakeholders can estimate how much money they might be wasting. What would you do if you had a group of stakeholders that routinely wasted 75% of their time?  In this challenging global economy you would probably fire them.
MGW has created a global roundtable format for clients to map, strategize, and process new ideas and thoughts in an expert facilitated interactive roundtable discussions to delve deeper into key issues. Exploring big ideas, questioning wide assumptions and drawing novel conclusions from existing facts attracts discussion and enhances the competitive-advantage and value-performance of client's products or services.