Malichi Group Worldwide

Advancing Global Development Through Impact Investing™

Global Overview

We begin with a promise....Our values: Integrity, Excellence, Respect of People and Culture.

Across the globe, Malichi Group Worldwide (MGW) is internationally-recognized as a world trade
and advisory firm that has successfully been in international business for nearly 35 years, operating
in over 70 countries. Our global firm in headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana USA with a trade office
in Washington D.C., and a global presence worldwide. 

MGW's unparalleled "Global Platinum Rolodex" and influential network of extensive high-level
connections, helps facilitate business introductions and meetings--Resulting in Accelerated Deals,
Delivering Results. 

Malichi Group Worldwide as an "Ambassador of Trade"  is your strategic guide to dealing with business uncertainity in a global economy. MGW is on the cutting edge of New Forms of investments and innovation for transforming world trade, closing global business deals, and attracting foreign direct investment e.g. private sector global business leaders, investment groups, and small-and-medium-sized enterprizes (SMEs). Helping them to shape strategies and navigate the ever changing, and evolving global landscape of geo-politicial risk, overcoming trade barriers and
accessing new reserviors of capital and know-how.  

Our expert deal-making capabilities and international business diplomacy skills, empowers us to solicit, facilitate, transact and help close business deals on behalf of clients and partners. In addition, we manage and represent a portfolio of private clientele of buyers, sellers, and investors seeking select
cross-borders opportunities, who desire to be more discreet than "traditional channels" or "higher-
profile, public offerings." We source international private buyers, sellers, investors and suppliers, develop new business, secure global trade finance solutions, and initiate the transaction on their behalf by conducting due dilligence and executing an applicable confidentiality agreement. MGW also helps U.S. and Foreign multinationals find  local partners and/or we become that partner ourselves to increase revenues and help reduce costs for global business expansion.

If you want global landmark success, call us now, Direct: +1.317.515.8866 or Email: Have a successful day and think globally!