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I am offering to be a SME global trade media resource for Small-and-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – Global Trade/Exporter/Free Trade Agreements: “Go-To-Person” and “Trade Practitioner” with over 20 years of international business experience.


I am Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus., founder and chief executive of Malichi Group Worldwide (Website: / About the Founder). I am also a current board member (17 years) of the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service of the United States Department of Commerce – Indiana District Export Council. And, a former board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1993 – 1999).

Malichi Group Worldwide
is a world-class international strategic advisory and consultancy firm with global relationships in over than 70 countries and six continents. Founded in 1982, Malichi Group Worldwide specializes in strategically advising and assisting a broad spectrum of small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), multinational corporations, and governments on global opportunities, challenges, and strategies; facilitating and closing international deals; and connecting cross-border businesses. 

For general release, knowledgeable and articulate as a media spokesperson, Dr. Toby Malichi has been interviewed by CNN, C-Span, and NPR and on WorldNet TV’s “Dialogue” of the U.S. Information Agency. Dr. Malichi has been interviewed and featured in numerous prominent and leading magazines and newspapers. For an example:

* Fortune, CFO, and The Deal Magazines as an executive focus group member; Merilee Andrews

(survey research reporter - Indianapolis) 2008 & 2009;

* Representing small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on behalf of the White House and the United States Department of Commerce as a SME global leader and spokesperson to the U.S. and European Union - Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) – 1993 to 2001;

* Business Week; News: Analysis & Commentary – The White House; Nov.20, 1995;

* Testified before the Committee on Ways and Means and its Subcommittee on Trade – U.S. House of Representatives. (September, 1993);

SME media resource (NAFTA) the Wall Street Journal; Jeanie Saddler – 1993?;

* City Man Seeking NAFTA Support (incidentally, ratified); Chris O’Malley Indpls. Star, 1993; 

Business Leaders Endorse NAFTA; Bill Koening, Indpls. Star – Nov. 1993;

1). Both as an African American practitioner with over 20 years of international business experience and owner of an international SME, I perceive Indianapolis and Central Indiana as fertile ground for exporting, export job creation, and primed to take advantage of current and future Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

 2). I was asked to meet with top trade officials at the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) – Office of the Executive Branch of The White House in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 to discuss strategies on how to increase SME participation to export more and take advantage of current and future Free Trade Agreements. This was in response to President Barack Obama’s National Export Initiative with heavy emphasis on SMEs exporting more, export job creation, and in early 2011, his first trade agreement; Trans Asia-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). Afterwards, I was asked, and once again in a (bi-partisan effort), agreed to be a point person on behalf of USTR and America’s SMEs. This meeting comes on the aftermath of my serving as a panelist for the White House Export Jobs Summit on January 21, 2010. (

3.) I believe, as a SME global leader and export trade practitioner for nearly 28 years, Free Trade Agreements when passed by Congress such as Columbia, South Korea, Panama, and in the near future Trans Asia-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), will have a positive impact on Indiana’s SMEs export bottom-line and will subsequently, create export jobs and growth. 

Again, I would like to be considered as a SME media resource: Go-to-Person and Trade Practitioner for international trade/policy issues with emphasis on export advice and Free Trade Agreements.  

After your initial review of our website:, please feel free to call me anytime day or night; direct: 317.413.1119 or email: I look forward to your positive response. And as always …

Have a successful day!

Dr. Toby Malichi (electronically signed)

Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon. D. Bus.

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