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Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Malichi Group Worldwide has formed an alliance with one of the world's premier global financial services company with offices worldwide. We will provide receivables funding services for domestic and export receivables (factoring); if you sell to other business on credit terms of 60 days or less you should talk to us about how we could work with your business. We also provide purchase order (PO) financing complimentary to our receivables facilities.
We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our funding solutions for our clients. This means that you will not have to wait lengthy periods of time for a lending decision, unlike many banks and asset-based lenders who leave you with inflexible solutions based solely on past history and not your current status. We can act fast and tailor the right solutions to fit your needs, and have earned a reputation for helping when other financial providers can't or won't.
How It Works

With Malichi Group Worldwide, doing business globally is easy. By turning your outstanding invoices into cash now, we can help you improve your cash flow, save management time and get your company growing again. Receivables Funding and Purchase Order Funding

How Much Will It Cost?

Everyone refers to their rates as competitive. We mean it. Call one of our sales representatives today to see how we can affordably help your business with cash flow.


Why choose Malichi Group Worldwide's strategic global partner?

  • Wide range of receivables services
  • Access to local decision makers
  • 200+ years of stability
  • Competitive rates
  • They have the cash to support you
What They Do


The principle benefit of Accounts Receivable Financing (also known as Factoring) is the increase in working capital available to your business without needing to borrow, tie up your business or personal assets, or give up equity. We provide funding services for domestic and export receivables, including:

To request information, ask questions, or make an appointment in person or by phone please send an email to or call 317.515.8866. The office holds extended hours for international clients, strategic partners and individuals from different time zones.