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Global Business Insights For Navigating And Leveraging Free Trade Agreements 

Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors

Malichi Group Worldwide niche is “Advancing Global Business Through Commercial Diplomacy™” by executing our expert strategic adivce, eliminating barriers, leveraging free trade agreements and capitalizing on our extensive and successful 37 years of international trade experience, influence and highly regarded global reputation as SME trusted advisors, highly-skilled global business diplomats and expert facilitators for securing and closing cross-border deals. Global engagements include: world business and government leaders, CEO entrepreneurs, investment groups, small-and-medium-sized U.S. and foreign-based enterprises in developed, emerging and frontier countries.

As international business diplomats, we leverage our "Global Trade Clearing House" a consortium of influential business, government, political, financial and trade relationships to engage High-value introductions and collaborations that are seeking faster global market access, trade and investment opportunities and strategic international partnerships that creates growth, jobs and wealth.

Malichi Group Worldwide world-class consortium of highly-experienced global professionals and innovative thinkers are committed to achieving your international business development objectives. As internationally-recognized experts across a wide range of industries, we can show you the how’s why’s and when’s of growth and expansion so that you can focus on your company’s core business. We utilize our global expertise in researching and developing executable business strategies and combine it with our ability to engage global government decision-makers, stakeholders, and C-Suite level business leaders to produce revenue growth for our clients.  

MGW has facilitated several multimillion dollar deals in trade and capital flow around the world. Our core premise is that the influence of government in business has reached unprecedented levels. Free Trade Agreements are the wave of the future. We will now experience a new business climate that will see nations managing trade to a greater extent than we have seen in over 50 years. Nations can, and will, deploy their business assets to achieve their goals. Navigating the current environment of global trade is a complex and risky business.
At MGW we understand this, and inspire, equip, and work closely with clients to find strategic executable "target-rich" global trade strategies that increases value-performance for exceeding revenue targets. Moreover, we maintain a world-class consortium of influential global relationships and strategic partners from every major region of the world to support our clients global needs as they pursue trade and commerce opportunities.
 Global Leadership Business Case 
"Fewer than 20% of global leaders and partners can be described as Great! Even worse, more than one in three leaders and partners is failing in their role. And, the difference in performance of these leaders and partners isn't marginal. The best leaders and partners were two and half times more likely to achieve their revenue targets compared to the worst." Source: Talent Management Magazine - June 2012. 
Industry Leaders Behind Our Infrastructure

MGW work with some of the most well-known and respected leaders around the world. This gives us the ability to leverage industry expertise and knowledge to develop more innovative strategic solutions and results for your business or project, facilitate and close more international deals or cultivate more power brokers and private investors. We also
 draw on the combined resources and expertise of all our global business units driven by strategic execution, innovation, strategy and leadership.
Dr. Toby Malichi's expert global strategic advice, communication skills, and "Global Platinum Rolodex" helped us facilitate the close of a major global merger & acquisition deal, secure a strategic global partner, and fund a global multi-million dollar manufacturing deal all within 50 hours. I call him, "The Miracle Man!"

-- Richard P. Tinkham, Attorney-at-Law - Mergers & Acquisitions, and Co-Founder of the original American Basketball Association - Indiana Pacers.