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"Go-To" Global Trusted Advisors, Business International Diplomats and Strategist Focusing On Building Global Business Through Trade™ and International Business Expansion 

Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors

MGW drawing on our nearly 33 years of global trade experience, extensive knowledge and strategic expertise of diverse business, political, and economic global platforms; inspires, equips, and supports its clients with expert actionable strategic global insight, strategic executable "target-rich" strategies and resources to succeed globally by: 


♦  Providing a Global Trusted Advisor with actionable strategic advice, counsel and focus on direct interaction, emails, conference calls, and expert facilitated brainstorming sessions on increasing value-performance for exceeding revenue targets..


♦  Engaging global business leaders, government officials, potential strategic partners, and other high-level decision-makers to promote our clients´ reputation and interests through expert global communication skills, strategic introductions, collaborations and networking.


♦  Identifying and developing strategic export/import business opportunities, partnerships, and financiers.


♦  Structuring and facilitating global transactions to meet unique global market demands, while ensuring maximum returns.


♦  Securing Trade, Factoring, Export Financing, Purchase Order (PO), and Accounts Receivable Financing 
♦  Executing strategic due-diligence tools for evaluating potential partners, export readiness, and assessing global risks.


♦  ©Strategic Export Assessment Metric (S.E.A.M) a strategic global planning metric platform for U.S. and Foreign-based enterprises to determine how well their business is prepared for going global and/or expanding globally.

♦  Helping to assess and take advantage of long-term global economic trends, i.e. Free Trade Agreements.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  

                                                                                                   -- Albert Einstein