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Global Business Strategic Advisors
Global Business Strategic Advisors
Malichi Group Worldwide (MGW)  is also a highly regarded world business and strategic advisory firm that has successfully been in international business for nearly 37 yearsOur global firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana USA with a trade office in Washington, D.C. and a global presence worldwide.
We also specialize in providing U.S. and Foreign-based small-and-medium-size enterprises (SMEs), CEO entrepreneurs, governments and investment groups with expert strategic counsel and international business development advice, practical tools, and executable market-entry strategies for pursuing strategic export/import opportunities, facilitating the close of international deals, engaging potential partners, and securing global trade finance solutions, international financiers, and factoring options to grow profit sectors.
Our expert deal-making capabilities and international business diplomacy allows us to solicit, facilitate, transact and close international business deals on behalf of clients. MGW's extensive global network of influential business, government leaders and international financiers, creates performance-value and strengthens all of our client’s international business units.


MGW unparalleled powerful and influential global connections, highly regarded performance-value, and expert communication skills turbo-charges results and removes barriers to business potential. We operate across five core global platforms, (i) expert strategic counsel and global insights, focusing on executable "target-rich" trade strategies and international business development advice, (ii) successfully source and facilitate the close of complex international deals, (iii) provide trade finance, and factoring solutions that increases working capital, (iv) execute strategic due diligence tools for assessing global risks, and (v) facilitate strategic global introductions, connections, and collaborations engaging clients faster into the global economy.
MGW also provides expert facilitation for linking public/private partnerships and strategically advising small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), government leaders and investment groups on how to navigate the constantly changing and complex world of international trade, global political landscapes and free trade agreements
MGW also helps U.S. and Foreign multinationals find small local partners and/or we become that partner ourselves to increase their revenues and help reduce costs for internatonal business expansion and deal facilitation. The value-proposition, clients gets the services they need and adds incremental revenue with an arms length relationship. Our strategic global insights and wealth of knowledge on succeeding in the global marketplace enhances global strategy alignment, and increases value performance for exceeding revenue targets.   
MGW hallmark is our passion for strategic results and knowing the right connections to help our clients succeed globally. Our global influence, proven advisory, problem solving skills and ability to cultivate strategic partnerships and collaborations; serves as a global platform for trade advocacy and a catalyst for expanding businesses globally.
"When a task is just begun, never leave it until it"s done; be it labor great or small, you do it well or not at all." 
                   - unknown